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Meet Artist MILDA

MILDA Headshot

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MILDA’s heritage blends both Old and New worlds - Northern Europe and West Coast America. From early on, her curious nature fueled by the insatiable love of life’s beauty in all its forms set Milda on the path of her unique artistic exploration. To further her artistic calling she studied painting and fine art at the University of Siauliai for the Bachelor degree in Lithuania and continued her studies at the University in Florida. Her involvement in alternative art shows, multiple exhibitions, studies at home and abroad have all been instrumental in developing her own unique style. Milda was noted as an active member of the influential art society in Myrtle Beach South Carolina which provided her the opportunity to share her creative vision with the world. She was publicly recognized and featured in several articles in various magazines. Currently Milda resides in Fort Lauderdale. She has integrated herself in the vibrant energy of South Florida’s unique environment, which endlessly inspires her creative imagination.